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Our convenient to-go style restaurant offers a tantalizing selection of authentic Moroccan couscous dishes that are perfect for those on the move.

Inspired by the majestic Atlas Mountains, our cous cous dishes are crafted with care using traditional recipes and the finest ingredients. From hearty vegetable couscous to succulent lamb tagines, each dish is a celebration of Morocco’s rich culinary heritage.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch on your break or picking up dinner for the family, Atlas Cous Cous has you covered. Satisfy your craving for flavor whenever and wherever you are.

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Unlock the Benefits of Steamed Cuisine!


Abundantly packed with flavor and nutrition, steamed food offers a multitude of benefits for your body and mind:

Preserves Nutrients: By cooking food with steam, we ensure that vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants remain intact, maximizing their nutritional value and supporting your overall well-being.

Low in Calories: Steaming eliminates fat from proteins like chicken and fish, which in turn lowers the cholesterol consumption. Steaming meals also requires no added fats, making it a perfect choice for those looking to manage their weight or adopt a healthier lifestyle without compromising on taste. 

Retains Natural Flavors: Unlike other cooking methods that can strip away the natural flavors of ingredients, steaming helps preserve the authentic taste and texture of foods, delivering a delicious dining experience every time.

Gentle Cooking Process: Steam gently envelops food, allowing it to cook evenly without exposing it to high temperatures that may degrade its quality. This gentle cooking process also ensures that delicate ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables, remain tender and succulent.

Promotes Digestive Health: Steamed food is easier for the body to digest, promoting better nutrient absorption and reducing the risk of digestive discomfort. Say goodbye to heavy, greasy foods and hello to light, satisfying meals that leaves you feeling energized and revitalized.

At Atlas, we’re passionate about harnessing the power of steam to create dishes that nourish both body and soul. Discover the endless benefits of a Moroccan steamed cuisine. Your taste buds—and your body—will thank you!

La Maison Touareg

Explore the flavors and aroma of La Maison Touareg

Nestled in a small corner of Milan, La Maison Touareg invites you to experience the vibrant flavors and rich aromas of traditional Moroccan cuisine. 

From fragrant tagines bursting with spices to tender couscous dishes topped with succulent meats, every bite at La Maison Toureg is a journey through Morocco’s rich and unique culinary landscape. And no meal is complete without a complementary mint tea, a hospitable tradition of Morocco. 

Instagram: @la_maison_touareg

La Medina

Discover the exquisite pastries, meticulously handcrafted to perfection at La Medina, by a team of women artisans passionate about bringing the essence of Morocco to you.

La Medina invites you to experience the rich tapestry of Moroccan culinary heritage in every bite. From delicate baklava to traditional Gazzelle Horns, every pastry is infused with the richness of Moroccan heritage, a true celebration of tradition and taste.

Instagram: @la_medina_milano